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Our goal: Your success

Walk your daughter down the aisle, paint your home, or simply tuck your children in their beds at night. We can make it happen.



Prostheses to fit your life in the present... and in the future.

No matter your level of activity, future physical changes you may encounter, or your functional needs in the present, our custom prosthetics are intricately built and designed for any stage of your life.

It does you no good if your prosthesis is uncomfortable

Allow us to make device adjustments to avoid skin abrasions that make your prosthetic painful to wear. If your prosthesis is not fitting or functioning properly, come in and we'll make sure that it fits perfectly.

  • Fabrication of customized artificial arms and legs
  • Individualized fit on each device
  • Follow-up appointments
  • Consultation with new amputee
  • Ability to construct immediate post-operative prostheses
Prosthetist | Columbus, OH | Ace Prosthetics, Inc. | 614-291-8325

Prostheses and follow-up care that allows you to create and live your life. Call to make your appointment today.


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